Designing with Microcomputers -- The 68HCS12 and 68HC12

The CD contains Designing with Microcontrollers -- The 68HC12, 68HC12 Simulator, the free assembler and IDE, and microcontroller documentation. Please make sure that you want the 68HC12 version rather than the 68HCS12 version before ordering. Most people want the 68HCS12 version, here.

How to Buy

Students or other individuals interested in a copy for their personal, educational use can most easily order a copy for $40 via PayPal. Note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to order this way, but can use a credit card. Prepaid orders are almost always shipped within one business day of receipt.

The CD will be sent Priority Mail for customers in the US. Foreign customers will receive a link to download the contents -- mailing costs have gotten expensive and this saves weeks of delivery time. For instructions on how to pay by check or money order, send me an EMAIL. The textbook and simulator are licensed for either single system (with potential of multiple users, such as a school lab system) or a single user (with potential for multiple systems, such as home desktop and portable notebook) and may not be placed on a server for group access.

Multiple Copies -- Class Use

If you are an instructor for a microcontroller or related course and wish to evaluate the package prior to incorporating it into your course, please send me an EMAIL with your request, and I will send you an evaluation copy. Don't forget to include your mailing address at your institution.

Need multiple copies for a class? Contact me for discount rates of 50% or more for quantity orders of CDs or licenses, when paid by check or money order. Sorry, I do not discount orders paid via PayPal because of their charges.

Anti-Piracy Bonus! If your school is interested in distributing the CD (or its contents) to all students enrolled in a class, such as via lab fees or other assessments, we can negotiate sizable discounts that make this package far less expensive than any currently available textbook. It's a win-win situation for everyone -- your school, your students, and me.

Commercial Use

At this time the simulator program is only licensed (and priced) for educational and personal use.

Business Name

I do business as myself, Thomas A Almy.